Indonesia country often leak confidential

Indonesia country often leak confidential

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Indonesia country often Leak confidential

Disadvantaged Deep Indonesia Mining, NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY THE BACKWARD IN INDONESIA, INDONESIA Disadvantaged in the Development of "Superstars" ... Engineering, and math (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Indonesia has been lagging far behind the technological problems of medicine, pharmacy tech nano is now growing rapidly and even to the size of Indonesia is still far behind .... "Law in Malaysia there is no Internet censorship. The Malaysian government freed its people to open all sites. In Indonesia it subject to censorship of the internet-(Indonesian Nano-Satellite Platform Initiative for ... enough lags behind developed countries in the field of satellite technology. ... He said if based on an index of competitiveness, technological capabilities Indonesia lagged behind other Asean countries. Education of Disadvantaged and clueless ... menybutkan Indonesia predicated only as a follower and not a ... technology, Robot Technology Indonesia Disadvantaged? Jakarta, February 22, 2010 00:16. Indonesia is not left behind in the development of robotic technology compared to the state ..., Indonesia Far Left (Technology). Indonesia Disadvantaged Far By Goddess Mardlanl In developed countries, radiopharmaceuticals have been very popular. ...

weakness of Indonesia's ability to master information technology (IT) makes it vulnerable to leakage of state secrets. Moreover, many mobile operators and internet in Indonesia is based in Singapore and Malaysia, the impact of the tight arrangement of course, make Indonesia more conservative. Indonesia is also lagging behind Malaysia in terms of modernization. Bambang also recommend to the government of Indonesia for not ashamed to imitate the good of Malaysia.

"We are already behind in terms of progress and mastery of technology to various aspects, especially in the IT sector. These concerns continue to rise, let alone many mobile operators and internet we are controlled from the two countries," said a member of Commission I, Paschal Kossay, last night.

Former vice-chairman of the Parliament of Papua is also acknowledged, many people who seem not to realize urgent control of IT, especially in relation to the affairs of state secrets and business worth billions of dollars, "I was surprised too with the info from a discussion in Jakarta, that an IT expert alumunus a major universities in Indonesia revealed that the RI is really getting dictated to Singapore and Malaysia in terms of telecommunications in addition to banking, "he said.

Similarly, nuclear matter we left behind even by Vietnam, Indonesia lagged behind neighboring countries in the development of nuclear power plants. Population of Vietnam and Malaysia will enjoy nuclear energy in the coming decade.

According to the Deputy of the Ministry of Science and Technology Network for Research and Technology Syamsa Ardisasmita said, Vietnam has officially entered the country newcomer users of nuclear power plants built an international nuclear energy agency (IAEA). Uncle Ho began operating domestic nuclear power generation in 2020 to reach 2 thousand megawatts of power.

Similarly, Malaysia. Country of 30 million inhabitants began to design and implement the construction of nuclear powered. Although not yet officially categorized by the IAEA of new entrants, Malaysia is ready to produce electricity from nuclear power in 2021.

As developed in the discussion was limited, especially in terms of IT, Indonesia is just so easy to earn a dollar field and the ringgit by the two neighbor countries. This is because all mobile operators and internet-based in these two neighboring countries.

As a result, each "voucher" pulse whatever, as well as any time a citizen go to the internet (browse), a direct hit "charge" is automatically sucked in there. "That is, they are plump by our ignorance. One more thing, with circumstances as they are now, so any information including state secrets to be naked in the eyes of the country 'peanut' in Singapore," says Benni TBN, IT experts to be one of the speakers in the discussion .

Benny later revealed all, when the traffic is in fact controlled by an optical net "traffic administrator" in Singapore. "Therefore all internet and mobile networks should be withdrawn or 'forced' through 'main esential' in the city. Therefore, let alone 'state secrets' that they do not know? Unfortunately again, Indosat satellite (Palapa first) so the majority-owned Temasek (an SOE Singapore), "he said again, as a result, he added, besides we be like the 'naked' in any information, only RI also serves as a cellular customer. "This position is well below the distributors of cellular function. So, we just 'outlets', artisans selling their IT products. And certainly, many companies are providers we just name it belongs to RI doang company with a majority of shares controlled by them," he said.

About nuclear, Malaysia. Country of 30 million inhabitants began to design and implement the construction of nuclear powered. Although not yet officially categorized by the IAEA of new entrants, Malaysia is ready to produce electricity from nuclear power in 2021. As to whether we know this country, and remains proud of Indonesia as a child?


Maros-sulawesi selatan-Indonesia : Kaimuddin, Mbck, and other sources.
Indonesia country often leak confidential

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