speeches of jihad on the nations of the world

speeches of jihad on the nations of the world


Al-Hamdulillahi Rabbil ‘Alamin. Wassalamu ‘ala Sayyidina wa Nabiyyina Muhammad, wa Alihi at-Thahirina wa Shahbihi al-Muntajabina wa ‘ala Jami'i al-Anbiya wa al-Mursalin...

Greetings and blessings to the Divine Prophets, especially the Prophet Muhammad, the holy Ahbul Bayt, the companions of the election and to all the Divine Prophets ...

Allahumma ‘Ajjil li Waliyyika al-Faraj, wal'afiata wa an-Nashr. Waj'alna min Khairi Ansharihi wa A'awanihi, wal Mustasyhadina baina Yadaih...
O Allah the Most Great! Accelerate Your Guardian emergence is accompanied by safety and victory. Make us as a helper and supporter of his best and always make sacrifices in the way ...

Mr. Chairman and fellow noble ...
I thank Allah Almighty that still provides an opportunity to present again at the UN General Assembly this session. At the beginning of the speech, I would like to remind all present to pay their respects to victims of flood disasters that hit Pakistan. I wish condolences to those left behind, the government and the nation of Pakistan. On this occasion I also invite all to immediately help our fellow human beings as human obligations.

Here, I also wish to thank the management of the UN General Assembly.
In the years past, I have spoken in front of you about some hope, anxiety, family crisis, security, human glory, economics, climate, expectations for justice and sustainable peace.

Now, the power management system of Capitalism and in the world after a century have come to an end. Capitalism system is unable to give precise answers to the demands of society. For that I will try to describe the most appropriate system parameters for the future by looking at two main factors of failure that exists.

First, How to Look and Confidence
You all know about the mission carried by the Divine Prophets. They were sent to summon all mankind to monotheism, love and justice. They sent out the way for humans to achieve happiness. The Prophet of Divine invite the people to thought and knowledge to better know the nature. They were also sent to warn people would kesyirikan and egoism.

The nature of the plight of the Prophet is one. Every Prophet confirms previous Prophet and gave the glad tidings of the coming of the new Prophet. The Prophet of Divine introduce religion in accordance with human capacity and more perfect than the previous. All this runs through to the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, which explores the ultimate prophet religion perfectly.

In accordance with this trip is only the arrogant and the worshipers of the world are trying to head off the obvious appeal of this and rise to the messages of the Prophets.

The followers of Nimrod rise to the Prophet Ibrahim, the followers of Pharaoh in the presence of Prophet Musa and the worshipers of the world against the Prophet Isa and the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. In recent centuries, arguing that they have done injustice that claim religious people in the West in the Middle Period, all values, morals interpreted as a factor of underdevelopment and put it face to face with science and rationality.

Termination of human relationships with real humans Sky have decided to do with nature herself.

Humans who have the potential to know the essence of nature and the seeker of truth, justice and tends to be perfection, purity and keindahaan and become the representative of Allah on earth has been transformed into a limited presence in the material. Human obligation is defined no more than an attempt to arrive at individual delights. Human instinct has been to replace the essence of human nature.(notes speeches of jihad on the nations of the world)

All men and nations is considered as rivals respectively. Happiness is an individual or a nation is defined by interfering, kill and destroy others. Damaging dispute to exist as a basis to regulate human relations in a constructive and mutually replace Interaction perfect.

Worship and the hegemony of capital has replaced the monotheism which is the secret of unity and love.
All the action of broad opposition to the divine values has opened the way for slavery and colonialism.

Large part of the world under the authority of some Western countries. Tens of millions of people have become slaves and tens of millions of families have scattered. All the sources of wealth, and cultural rights of nations colonized had been looted. The occupied homeland and indigenous people have been massacred and humiliated.

But with the rise of nations, the imperialists are increasingly isolated and independence of nations and recognized. Hope will honor, prosperity and security have been living in the midst of nations. In the early days of the last century, beautiful slogans of freedom, human rights (human rights) and democracy has created a lot of hope that became the antidote to the wounds in the still gaping. But now bukanhanya those expectations are not realized, even more bitter memories of the past in the history recorded in the memory.

In the two World Wars, occupation of Palestine, the Korean and Vietnam wars, in Iraq-Iran war, the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq and in wars in Iraq, hundreds of millions of people were killed, wounded and became refugees.

Terrorism, narcotics production, poverty and social inequality has been increasingly widespread. Various government-backed coups and dictatorships in South America West has done an extraordinary crime.

Instead of disarming, production and storage of nuclear weapons, biological and chemical even more widespread. The world is now in a bigger threat.

Thus, it seems what happens is that the implementation of the goals of the imperialists and slave owners, but this time with new slogans.
Second, the factor of Global Management and Sovereign System

Community and the United Nations was formed with the slogan of peace and security, and safeguard human rights. Management mechanism prevailing in the world can be studied by dissecting three events.

First: 11 September that have affected the world around 10 years.
- In a sudden aired all over the world various recording the attack on the twin towers.
- About all the government and leading politicians condemned the attacks.
- Motor propaganda move and the world was on the verge of a big threat with the name of terrorism and announced that the only way out is a military invasion of Afghanistan.
- In the end, Afghanistan and soon Iraq was occupied.

Please note;

Claimed that the September 11 attacks have killed around 3,000 people and we strongly deplore this. But in Afghanistan and Iraq up to now hundreds of thousands dead and millions of others wounded as well as clashes continue to rise every day. Related perpetrators of the Sept. 11 attacks, there are three opinions:

1 - terrorist groups who are very powerful and complicated that managed to penetrate all layers of security and U.S. intelligence. This opinion is transmitted by the American government.
2 - Some parties in the United States government to create change in the process of American economic malaise and mastery of Washington to the Middle East as well as efforts to rescue the Zionist regime. The majority of Americans, the nations, and also the politicians of the world who believe in this opinion.
3 - A terrorist group supported and utilized by the U.S. government at that time. It seems that this opinion which has the support of at least.

The most important document of the allegations raised are some of the passports of the heavy debris and a videotape of a man who is not clear where he lived. However, he mentioned that previously have been involved in oil trading contracts with a number of high-ranking United States. Want suggested that because of fires and explosions, there's no rest for the perpetrators of the attack.

There are some fundamental questions unanswered
1 - What is the logic does not justify that the first serious research must be conducted by independent groups and then identify all the perpetrators and determine the programs to take action against them.
2 - When the U.S. government's opinion is received, whether the action against terrorist groups, is widespread invasion, irregular warfare, and the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people?
3 - Did not like the way Iran might do in addressing the Rigi terrorist group that has made Iran killed 400 people and injured? In the operation launched by Iran's none of innocent lives are lost.

It is proposed that the UN should establish a fact-finding team-related attacks 11 / 9 so that a number of parties does not prohibit the submission of opinions related to this issue.

Here, I want to announce that the Islamic Republic of Iran, next year, will host a conference aimed at identifying and seeking mechanisms to deal with terrorism. For that, I invite the officials of the world, thinkers, intellectuals and researchers to menghandiri this conference.

Second: Occupied Palestine

The oppressed Palestinian nation for 60 years under the occupation of the Zionist regime of Israel, and they do not get freedom, security and sovereignty rights. But even acknowledged the existence of the invaders.

Until now, Israeli Zionist war 5 times. The regime is doing the worst war against Lebanon and Gaza because of slaughtering innocent citizens. Zionist Israel has also violated all international regulations and even attacked a convoy of ships carrying humanitarian aid and massacred innocent people.

Israeli Zionist regime has the support of some Western countries. The regime also always intimidate and terrorize the region Palestinian figures and other countries. Even the supporters and opponents of Zionist Palestine Israel holds the status of a case of terrorist and anti-Jewish, and continue to get pressure. All values even freedom of speech in Europe and the U.S. Zionist regime muzzled.http://www.sangbaco.com/2011/11/pidato-pemimpin-iran-di-depan.html

All solutions fail to be resolved because no attention to the rights of the Palestinians.

- If since the beginning, recognized the right of sovereignty of the Palestinian people instead of the Zionist occupation regime recognizes Israel, whether we will witness all the crimes that happen?!!
- Our proposal is the return of Palestinian refugees to their homeland and refers to a referendum of all Palestinians to determine the sovereignty and form of government.

Third: Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy, clean, inexpensive, and is a divine pleasure which is also one of the best alternatives to reduce fossil fuel pollution.
Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) to allow all members to utilize civilian nuclear without limit, and even the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) the duty to support and protect the legal and technical side.

Nuclear bombs are the weapon of anti-humanity must be destroyed totally. NPT also prohibit the production and storage of nuclear bomb, even the rate of nuclear disarmament as a necessity.

But consider what the number of nuclear weapons is also a member of the Security Council (BOC), the United Nations.

- They even assess nuclear power as a bomb, and attempt to monopolize it and pressing the IAEA to restrict ownership of nuclear power is only for a handful of countries.
- At the same time, countries that stockpile of nuclear bombs and produce it. Of course you hear that the U.S. government this year allocated 80 billion dollars for nuclear bombs.

Policies such as this not only makes disarmament is not realized, but even there the expansion of nuclear weapons in several areas, including Israeli Zionist occupation regime and pengancam.

Here is proposed as for the year 2011 named as nuclear disarmament, nuclear energy for all, nuclear weapons are not for anyone.

In all these problems, the UN can not perform an important step. It is unfortunate that in a decade that is named the Decade of Peace, it was war, aggression and occupation. Even hundreds of thousands of people were killed and wounded, which continues to grow because of enmity and malice.

Fathers and mothers!

Recently, we witnessed the cruel actions and anti-humanity burning the Koran. The Qur'an is the book of heaven and eternal miracle of Prophet of Islam also called on the servitude the Almighty, justice, love for others, development of the earth, thought and contemplation, the defense of the poor, and resistance against the wrongdoers, and the good name of the prophets of God such as Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Moses, and Isa, and justify them.

They burned the Koran to burn such a nature and Maarif but nature can not be burned, al-Quran as Allah Most High and the enduring nature. This action and all actions that deepen the gap and distance between nations, an act of Satan. Must be vigilant to avoid so as not to get caught in the trap of Satan. I represent the Iranian people, respects all the books of the sky and his followers.

This al-Quran and this is the holy book, both very respectable for us.

Dear Colleagues!

Over the years has clearly proved the ineffectiveness of thinking capitalism, global management, as well as the existing system, and the majority of governments and nations demanding a fundamental change and the application of justice in international relations. Because the inability of the United Nations is a structure that is not fair. With veto power, the main strength is concentrated in the Security Council and its main pillars namely the General Assembly has been marginalized.

In recent decades, at least one permanent member of the Board is always on one side of the dispute. When a judge or prosecutor put yourself in one of the warring parties, how can he be expected to act proportionately given veto power to give immunity to attack and occupy.

In the nuclear discussion, if Iran has a right of veto, whether the attitudes of the Security Council and IAEA Director General will act like today?

Beloved brethren!

The UN is the central coordination and collective management of world's most important. The structure should be revised so that all government and independent nations to participate actively and constructively in global management. The right of veto should be removed, and the UN General Assembly should be the main pillar while UN Secretary General be the most independent individuals and the whole attitude and policy must be approved by the General Assembly and in the path of justice and eliminate discrimination.

When expressing an opinion and uphold justice, the UN secretary general should not be suppressed by force or the country where UN headquarters are located. It is proposed that within this year and in a special session, UN General Assembly stepped in to revise and finalize the UN structure. Islamic Republic of Iran has a lot of proposals and are ready to participate constructively and actively.

Fathers and mothers!

I expressly stated that the occupation of various countries with the excuse to impose freedom and democracy is a crime that would not be unforgivable.

The world needs more logic compassion, justice, and participation of all parties rather than the logic of power, monopoly, unilateralism, war, and threats. The world needs saints management as the prophets of Allah SWT.

Two broad geographic area ie, Africa and Latin America has gone through various transformation determinant for a decade, a new policy on this continent of the world which are all based on the tendency equation, a more solid unity, and the nationalization of all methods of construction, and development of their country. Many of the interests of the people in the two regions has been secured. Intelligence and management of the leaders of both continents have to solve the crisis and regional problems without the intervention of trans-regional imperialism. In recent years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has expanded its comprehensive relations with Latin America and Africa.

As for Iran's noble,

Tehran Declaration which is a big step in realizing constructive trust established pursuant to government policy and human proportional Brazil and Turkey, and that coupled with kekraban Iran, despite the cynicism and illegal resolution, but the declaration is still valid.

We have carried out our commitment to exceed the laws of the IAEA but we will never accept illegal coercion. Mentioned that represses way, they try to force Iran to dialogue. First, Iran is always ready for dialogue based on principles of respect and fairness. Second, in ways that are not based on the principle of respect for the nations have long proved ineffective.

Those who face strict logic of the Iranian nation with threats and sanctions have essentially sacrificed the remnants of the prestige of the Security Council and the confidence of the nations of this important institution, and once again proves that the Board of injustice.

When acting like that against a big nation in the history of Iran which is known by the names of scientists, poets, wise, artists, and culture, civilization, and holiness, servanthood to Allah, and the demands of justice, how can they be trusted by the nation- other nations.

My colleagues!

Everyone knows that the system of capitalism and imperialism in various global management methods have failed, and not just the era of slavery and colonialism, but the era of domination of the world has ended and closed was the road to rebuilding the empire.

We have stated that we are ready to perform at this podium at an event free of serious debate with officials of the United States, in order to convey our opinions to you in a transparent about important world issues. Here, too, we propose that free debate held every year at the UN General Assembly in order merealiasikan constructive dialogue.

The final sentence. Partners and brothers!

Iranian nation and the majority of the nation and world government opposes discriminatory management of the current in the world. This requires a fundamental overhaul of management to remember is inhumane and has reached the end point and a stalemate.

Improving the condition of the world and the embodiment of tranquility and happiness, demanding the participation of all parties, clear thinking, and management of the divine and human.

We all believe that fairness is a major factor for peace, security constant, and expansion of affection between people and nations. The realization of the objectives, rights, and human glory must be sought under the auspices of justice, and away from evil, injustice, and defamation.

The essence of man is manifested in the love and respect for others and kindness, and compassion is the best foundation in regulating human relations and the nations.

Vahshi Bafaqi, an Iranian poet says,

"If you have been sipped the water of life, if there is no love in you then you will die."

Fellow human beings are not rivals and competitors in the process of building a world filled with purity, safety, and welfare, but a helper to one another.

People who find joy in the sadness of others and seek their welfare in the poverty of others, and seek security in the insecurity of others, people who consider themselves superior to others, they actually have been out of the scope of humanity and was on track demon.

Economic and property is a means to submissive to others, friendship, strengthening and perfection of meaningful human relationships, rather than a means to colonize and bersombong-arrogant.

Men and women are complement each other and family and relationships holy, loving, and lasting two couples at its center, ensuring continuity and guidance generation. Enjoyment is essential, is an extension of love and community improvement.

Women are the manifestation of the beauty of Allah and is the center responsible for the spread of affection and love, guarding the sanctity and tenderness of society.

Rough life and behavior of women and their obstruction of the fundamental rights of affection from men and their partners, will make people violent and cause irreparable damage.

Freedom is a divine right to be used in the service of peace and human perfection. Thought pious and righteous determination are key to cross tayyibah life, full of hope, passion and beauty.

This is the promise of Allah that will bequeath the earth to the saints and pious, and those who are freed from the shackles of pride will be in control of the world and when that was no more trace of sadness, discrimination, poverty, insecurity, and attacks. When it came the day of divine joy and human development are essential. All claimants human justice and freedom have been waiting for and promised.

Perfect man, a sincere servant of Allah swt, and lovers of human honesty, whose father was a descendant of the Prophet of Islam, and his mother was a descendant of the Christians along with Jesus son of Mary axles, and other pious people are waiting until the realization of that era arrived and they to help all mankind. Should we clutched each other and our hands ahead of them by trying.

Hail to the love and servitude, greetings to justice and freedom, a greeting to the nature of man, the perfect man, a true and correct human helper, and greetings to you and all pious and holy. (IRIB / AK)lhttp://www.sangbaco.com/2011/11/speeches-of-jihad-on-nations-of-world.html

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