"The U.S. government black list", criticized the Iranian government

Jumat, Maret 25, 2011

A few days after Ahmadinejad's proposal presented in the annual session uni Nations passed, the elite Zionist-controlled American politics, trying to cover up and turn the display of world opinion, by way of uncovering the behavior of Iran's political elite a few years ago. There are about eight Iranian officials who addressed strictly unilateral policy unilaterally by the American Zionist elite, with the issuance of an illegal decision of the U.S. government sanctions against eight people who entered the U.S. government's blacklist of them was the leader of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, the public prosecutor, the Iranian minister , the official Iranian intelligence and police officials.
11 Sept 2001, involving "insiders"Policies across the country have given clear signals and bright-bright, the possible involvement of the American Zionist elite in the events of 11 September 2001, delivered the other day who proposed the establishment of the UN Fact team for the incident by Ahmadinejad. Unilateral decision of this American government really shows the attitude of hiding behind some Iranian officials offense.
Anyone with a little careful, can surely guess the direction of government policy where this American Zionist. They proved there is going to avoid the possibility of both legal and moral responsibility against the attacks of 11 September 2001.
With this answer the world should understand the position of some (not all) American Zionist elite in this heartbreaking incident."The U.S. government black list", <criticized the Iranian government
The hope, with this condition, the world is about to be displayed a "gross human rights violations" are also performed by some Iranian officials against his own people, was formed as if the cruelty of a few elite resembles (Zionist) American on the American people in the incidents of 11 / 9. If Ahmadinejad and several countries (there were nearly 160 countries who do not act to walk out in the annual session of the UN in 2010 when Ahmadinejad's speech) American Zionist regime sought to be prosecuted over his involvement in the incident most likely 11 / 9, then America has a more surefire way to attempt to break belahy Iranians with Iranian officials, with pit-sheep and bring a little "depravity" the Iranian official.
Some of the things that gave concern to some officials (Zionist) American is that it turns out, compared with the number of countries walked out in last month's annual session in New York, was far more countries are seriously and calmly listened speech Ahmadinejad. This blow to the American government, because it means that the international community agrees and justify the proposal Ahmadinejad.
This condition is so serious and really a gamble the future and credibility of the elites (Zionist) American in the eyes of the American people themselves. If any movement from within the United itself, let alone the extreme movement demanding further investigation and serious involving the formation of the UN Fact Finding Team, then this will be a boomerang and the last bastion of the continuation of the hands of Zionist power in America. Discourse formation of a UN fact-finding team proposed Ahmadinejad must be confronted with a "war" on and off as well for some Iranian officials, who do exist are being hard to muffle some of the unrest in Iran.
Attitude that contain frontal war show of force, must be shown to the international community who have faithfully listened to Ahmadinejad's speech. Thus was born the "resolution" of new shoot targets eight Iranian officials. American Zionists want to build a fortress of protection for some of the political elite who are most likely involved in the incident 11 / 9, which killed about 3000 people ..
Sources: http://dunia.vivanews.com/news/read/180394 : bad news Indonesia

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