how to see: a ghost

Rabu, April 11, 2012

Please if you want to try a lot of ways that you can use to see ghosts. Although most people avoid because of his physical presence to make ...?. So why is a man who from birth has been given the ability to see ghosts?, (Unless, that person has a sixth sense. He did not use the method to see a ghost, because the> ghost that happens to want to show his form to the person. Haha .. ha .. how to see: a ghost.

??? I do not .. responsibility for any damages of any kind from the use of the following ways. simple way to see the following ghost demons

* Play Dead
Dress up like the dead and sleeping. You will go into the world of ghosts. This part of the film is funny, too. It is said that ghosts fear of ghosts in the world of your breath. Well, continue to blow them up like a dragon blowing fire. The funny part is where people (the same person who taps his teeth) and the ghost fart accidentally passed directly

* Comb your hair in the middle of the night by candle light, staring at the mirror. (Candles are placed in front of the mirror) <= this "we often practice"

* Corneal Transplantation
This is the claim that people who received corneal transplants from the dead, people can see ghosts
Suicide Attempt
A pregnant woman who attempted suicide could see ghosts.

* Open the inner eye.
that one sure way we can see depends on the sensitivity of feeling. Sensitive will usually see the ghost with the full form (human or animal form), if it has less sensitivity, then the ghost that looks vaguely like a blob of white smoke. (Look for / find people who you believe has more capabilities, expect him to open your mind's eye.

* Oujia (not sure how to spell) board
I'm sure everyone heard it. Place a cup or something and put your finger on it on a piece of paper full of letters. Then call the ghost to ghost will come and answer all your questions.

* Playing hide and seek in the middle of the night while holding a black cat.
* Rubbing the eye with the burial ground.> Note this: I got from the movie "The Eye"

* Rub your eyes with the use of the cemetery, the burial ground, said to be "identical with the unseen world", this way> we can see ghosts.

* Dress up with the rest of the clothing on the corpse (Ghost will believe that you are one of them.

* The night naked.
out of the house naked and then, beginning with left foot stepped on land. Said my uncle, (the state you> if the ghost did not see you, rest assured that "you must see

* Your pet cemetery: a woman who died because of suicide, she was pregnant condition.
* Open your umbrella is in the room. umbrella, watching the eyes of a statue (statue of the beast)

* Bend and look back between the legs, in an area considered to be haunted (say "haiii Who's behind you?
Kaimuddin mbck> note of: * The letters and Bugis Lontara first language in South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia.

how to see: a ghost

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