Local Wisdom Culture Still Overlooked

Jumat, Februari 10, 2012

Newspaper "Tempo Makassar" Indonesia
Local Wisdom Culture Still Overlooked

Monday, 09 January 2012

Maros - Chairman of the Coordinating Body Art Tattoos Syahriar Indonesia South Sulawesi said the wisdom of local culture is still neglected. This is due to the construction of a confined education, leaving a cultural wisdom.
"When the child was a baby should have sung the song that is ancient wisdom of the advice (Pau-pau Rikadong), so that they can recognize ancestral culture is not inferior to other cultures in the country," he said at the launch Syahriar Maros's book of letters, Kaimuddin Mabbaco, Local wisdom Culture yesterday.

He pointed out that the Java community, which introduces the story of Mahabharata. The story of India is sending a message through the moral character, like Arjuna, Bhima, and Billy Glass. Syahriar said Kaimuddin Mabbaco written book is very helpful to know the wisdom of cultural communities that exist in South Sulawesi.
Artists and cultural Maros, Wawan Mattaliu, said the government should participate in making policies that support cultural wisdom. "Early childhood education must be supplied with the wisdom of the local culture through formal education," said Wawan, who is also a member of Commission V of the Regional Parliament of South Sulawesi.

Meanwhile, Kaimuddin Mabbaco, said he takes six years researching the various local cultures of South Sulawesi before publishing the book. He Salewangan Maros Research Institute for Strategy. In this book, many messages of cultural wisdom is almost extinct due to the development of modern information.
"In this book, no writing on culture Pappaseng, Passalonreng, Mangngaru, and Ma'Royong tradition," he said. Library books published PT Jakarta Indonesia Press was officially launched yesterday at the Cafe Dg, Tene Maros. | Jumadi

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