Overlay ghost "in South Sulawesi" Indonesia

Selasa, Desember 20, 2011

Overlay ghost "in South Sulawesi" Indonesia

1. Mysterious howling dogs
Cold wind blowing all the leaves shaking as if every leaf was about to be swept clean by the wind, howling dogs and the odd length) howling like wolves howling even longer, (in our village there was no wolf) and the public to call with "asu skelter" Bugis Idioms translation = pullers chilling howl) similar suggestion ... unbearable, even hair-raising goose bumps all over his body, and because of this fear, the residents of spontaneous checking locks on doors and windows shut, simultaneous
people village begging god for peace and safety / howling dog sounds mysterious it weakened and stopped slowly, do not take for granted, because many times over the howling that sounded ....., step to sneak mediate ... sigh, suddenly a scream, also lives disappeared ... .. and a motionless body, laughter broke the silence .. , seemed to dismantle all the doors had just locked up tight.

jin lives in the vagina

2, a strange creature who bewitched and had milk in females
An area in Malimpung (forest area pioneered by the army or in tripe then used as military barracks in Sidenreng Rappang, south Sulawesi, Indonesia, in 1945) when the area is very sacred and even all the sounds of birds marked isarat which can be read by the public barracks, among isarat was a very sacred voice is a term well known assumption villagers' Pallipa Garrusu "

Daeng Mappasessu ( behalf of) with his wife named Tika mediate this story, when the walls of a house made of palm leaves (the wall while) sounds, "LIPA nrete emmuni sabbe, mengngi Lalo in wirinna renringe, riwettue Yaro rinring Daung Kaluku, on the Kerri kanuku malampe na ma tareng (Buginese terjemahnya: coconut leaf walls with materials such as wattled in touch by fingers with long nails and pointy) rustling is "Pallipa Garrusu", demon or a creature that haunts suddenly feeds on a woman, heard a noise like that the girls scrambling to sleep in the middle of the paint while .....

3. Poppo, (ghost of a sound po .. po ...).so people call it, all with parakang's (human imitation) different because he is half-human in any time, being parakang is ... http://www.sangbaco.com/2011/11/parakang-manusia-jadi-jadian- di_4084.html, poppo in the explanation of the situation: a person with only the head accompanied by the intestine, that was full of fresh blood and flew across the roof of the house, and occasionally stopping as if riding-horse just above the ridge of the home front, or in the text language of the Bugis, "luttui nennia mitti-mittiI 'Darana, nakko leppangi bolae nattujui Coppo, nagongko mettoi bolae, makkinnyarang ri coppona, nakko diolliI' no, naia kia dipau Aseng the tongengtongenna, mattuddui nappa lokka, nasaba siri '., because the existence of this so that people suawesi poppo south , Indonesia, l considered taboo if a house does not have override Laja in Bugis, or draw with the precepts in Makassar Indonesia, or cover a triangular ridge of the house, (there are certain areas in sulsel.htm poppo a settlement based on the trail this week, (avoid libel identity of the village's name we can not name them), search is very much about poppo we found the source / reference the same dialog, mediates the initial cause of the existence of creatures roaming this is the acceptance of a false science that while estimates as linked to unfamiliarity term animism or local language often in identikkan with "attoriolong"., unfamiliarity first / animism.

Poppp not a man with the body intact, if stopped at the ridge above the tree house or a large, very loud voice terdenger "pok .. pok ..., pok ..." like the sound of someone choking and was about revenge, I do not know ... . poppo as a science (through the history of the struggle against the invaders masy Bugis), once against the invaders in Indonesia, there was a story about poppo, with the actors' poppo toana sawitto ... etc. (known as poppo tersakral and old stories "against colonial dutch) <record , while we will complete this study ...

And being without form (1) shouldered dapo (2) which was burning in his head, shrill wolf accompanies these creatures move as a sign of "something has been cooked and should be eaten", oh apparently eating a bunch of night creatures roasted crab, and in the morning found many grilled crab shell without content at all. In the era of the '60s, there was a creature without a body, but carrying something in his head, a kind of container for cooking are made of clay, container is often used in ancient society called dapo up to it now.

4. Creatures who shouldered the fire "Ikoro" / Tampakoro
The sky was dark and damp cave cave visible from the dry barren desert, a plain at the edge of rice fields in the morning is a place for farmers to find traces of tampakoro after partying last night. Just to survive despite the atmosphere of fear nearly so bright, the farmer interrupted himself, "anre mui anreang linoe, ri turi sipada tuwo laleng sitinajaE nasaba Puange mamminasa tuwoku ri", meaning everything that you want to do it, because the life-an, but I only live in the setting of my Lord ", this text may be a prayer or a hope or pappaseng / mandate, I do not know .. but I still persist in Malewang tonight.

Seven beings who lined carrying it by the fire dikepalannya Malewang villagers call it "Tampakoro". (Plain area and thatch ghost tampakoro t4)..

Saying the word "ikoro" on the overlay that night, when the cold silence in the deserted plain, then the voice sounded shrill crow with pinions plain that surrounds it, are you waiting for Tampakoro ...?, Crows continued to revolve more and more, but where ikoro? No one knows. There are only a shadow selintasan dazzling and something that falls from the sky in the form of carrion crows scattered millions ... ... and foul smelling. Ikoro probably selling expensive in this era, or do you just call him only once, when the dark night in the plain and someone .. ? (3), captures ikoro positioned at backward than seven (7) rows, he said "this creature is black and very slippery". call "Ikoro ..." as much as two times only ... .. for the adventure that fantastic._berlanjut to the episode to overlay ghost "in South Sulawesi" (3..

text description:
(1) without being: do not look too black for
(2) dapo: Idioms Bugis, containers for cooking which is made from ground)
(3) a person? : Source anonymity
By: Kaimuddin.Mabbaco, the overlay ghost "in South Sulawesi" (3
overlay ghost "in South Sulawesi"
Overlay ghost "in South Sulawesi" Indonesia

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