Tradition of "stabbing each other in a single glove,

Tradition of "stabbing each other in a single glove, contamination" siri na pacce "I actually have to keep a lot to learn, but in a state in passing, I was able to conclude "duel in a sarong" is symbolic of our cultural roots, which deals with a substance called siri and pacce it. Siri related to the dimensions of dignity (the dignity of honor) to be established and hold, then pacce it is the human dimension. That is, although we are in a state revoke the dagger in upholding the dignity, then at the
same time, the human dimension must also be upheld. related links:  sitobo-lalang-lipa-kontaminasi-siri-na.html

Therefore there is a kind of empathy value, the value of our appreciation to the existence of man lain.Tetapi, in the middle of pull of the enforcement of self-worth (dignity) dealing with the enforcement dimension of humanity, compassion towards others arise. This is where how people of South Sulawesi, particularly Bugis-Makassar, relented and manage its existence (existence) to be able to take the path of wisdom to be able to take a step.

This specific culture Bugis-Makassar, when the conflict can no longer be avoided, then the self-esteem must be enforced in a manner mutually exclusive lives. At such moments the bloody conflict refers to the orientation of a test of human glory.
From this was contrary to duel one glove. Actually, one glove duel set in siri and pacce this much misunderstood, misinterpreted by many of our new generation. Wisdom-the wisdom laid down by our elders, our ancestors in the deadly duel. Many interpreted wrong, siri and pacce even identified as a desire to kill. Assuming no other siri enforce must be completed at the end of the dagger.
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Though duel here could be interpreted more widely and in: versus spiritual, cultural duels, duels to uphold the dignity of humanity and dignity as a servant of God. So the implementation of the wisdom was that, we defend ourselves or to uphold the honor as servants of a glorious existence. So, the glory of man is to be defended so do not let anyone persecute each other among humans.

If there is no reality, in times past, dueling one glove relationship with the settlement of a conflict which can not but have to pull out the dagger with sheath to enter the versus is a symbolic, pengukuh for the glory of man as man. Well, to do with it, then what is called a duel? The duel is often associated as a physical fight. Duel is identical with the physical battle. Whereas here, the more substantial, is the spirit of the duel itself, that behind it there is the glory that is enforced. The process of enforcement of the glory it must also be noble in the process is not just a lofty target, but also the process in that direction.

To conclude the duel a glove, gloves should be interpreted as a symbol of unity and togetherness. Being in a sarong means we are in a shared habitat. So sarong ties that bind us are not similar in nature to ensnare the chain, but a bond of togetherness among the people. This specific culture Bugis-Makassar, when the conflict can no longer be avoided, then the self-esteem must be enforced in a manner mutually exclusive lives. At such moments the bloody conflict refers to the orientation of a test of human glory.
So the glove is not interpreted as a narrow space for suicide, especially not to fetter ourselves. Among the people of this duel in the hatred that is commonly misunderstood by us all. How to enforce siri and pacce with symbolic fight in a holster, in the sense of the word we are bound together as fellow human beings, why should there be conflicts that bloody?

This is, yes, I think this is where the substance of the culture of South Sulawesi in enforcing siri, and pacce it, well within the bounds of contemporary orientation in the face of the modern world, most pragmatic, oriented material, consumerism as well as in terms of politics, always wear ' play dirty '.
So enforcement of siri and pacce by a demonstration in a symbolic fight gloves should we interpret a bond between fellow human beings. In the berkonflikpun menampikkan or we can not hate our enemies. We can not exploit your opponent's in animals, the hatred, that the existence of cultural wisdom Bugis-Makassar. What does the term Sipakatau was described in everyday behavior, including cultural attitudes at the time of emergency called conflict. Inside The conflict we have to humanize humans.

If we bring it into the modern world like today how we repeat what was said by experts of world culture such as "We can not create a present or future without any history or past". So history is a teacher or a committee that gives us wisdom-wisdom.
So to create a new civilization, cultural attitudes need to be there for "Discover The New In The Old". Finding something new, through the process of entry into the old cultures.

-Rahman Arge
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Tradition of "stabbing each other in a single glove

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