visit the kora-kora (man drinking a cup size) in Maros regency-SulSel Bawalangiri-Indonesia (2)

Sabtu, Desember 17, 2011

>visit the kora-kora (man drinking a cup size) in Maros regency-SulSel Bawalangiri-Indonesia (2)

To the house owners kora-kora, hot afternoon really strange and very odd. As the heat of the earth if an earthquake will occur. Radiation that was a blast from the earth at follow-energy vibrations of the earth that was pressing on the chest, mystical scent is not independent of pre story, I witnessed this event see the kora-kora / smallest man drinking a big glass, have a lesson extremely valuable, can open the secret occult meaning, about a misunderstanding that developed up to the grave, and very significant in understanding the essence of life in more depth .....When examined in terms of scientific, obviously there may be a phenomenon like this. / The human body will inevitably decompose if buried in the soil. Upsss ... but the object was in sight> very sharp eyes looking at me, I caught a very large energy vibrations .... in episode 1> kora-man-terkeci.html.

Being kora-kora front of the eyes and an explanation of the owner of the kora-kora. 
Ritual: drinking after giving kora-kora with spilled coconut water from coconut shells directly into the gaping mouth of the half, really wonder because there is no drop of water is splashed or wasted by the state of kora-kora, when compared with a small body with large volume / content of coconut water that is given to him that, when found he was given a drink of coconut water directly to the shell, even the usher told us earlier that coconuts are not touched by the soil / direct quotes in a tree.Another session of this coconut water dish for kora-kora, only occasionally kept nearby at night and in the morning, the shell has been very dry. and so on once a week as "ritoana" (in Makassar which means "entertained")
Asked to Ustads / religion expert, not to speak, that is still associated with understanding animism and dynamism. such as belief in the mystical power of the keris (traditional tribal weapons) and agate are believed to provide benefits to its owner, similar to the kora-kora, the
Explanation Uztad Lc Amen ". Korakora this could have been there, let alone you've seen it for myself, indeed nothing is impossible if God wills, events like this, an odd human skull ever we met in Egypt when the school first, when it was remembered that the funeral which would be moved corpse it is someone that period of his life understanding Naksabandiyah Islam, just maybe there are certain rituals / request to (a kora-kora like that) when he died, then to God, the Almighty grant it.. "continued the uztads say" it's just coincidence superstition dagger (weapon typical traditional Bugis) gemstone also other unique things like / love to live by a genie, and even in her the strength, so the location is essential that the jinn (connect with the character of a particular org) which makes the effect / strength is wallahu a'lam bisshawab.
       Events in the meet / have korakora, a dream, a wife of H Sahabuddin, visited the place instructions in a dream, there cemetery close to the banana tree, he asks for in dig land, to a depth of 1 meter, visible hair dangling from the end (as if) a doll with a tiny body and the female nude and has nails wrapped around his back, additional notes: the nails are exposed hoes broke (circle as wide as the back of kora-kora), but remained glued to his body, maybe this is a request.
Another view of the person in tuakan in the village "kora-kora is believed to society is as a person who has the magic of science in the past (maybe hermits) who died, but was rejected by the earth, so that his body was not destroyed but rather shrunk to a form like that we heard this story from our parents, earlier that "the world mentong kammayya ....",/ things are true.
        Kora-kora viewing experience today and then into things that can not be forgotten, therefore, there appeared the form of appreciation for the presence of this mystical thing to answer, why kora-kora is often the prey of people who believe it. In addition he said because of the wealth (a kind of implementation of certain rituals which cause the money out of the body is thrown into the kora-ceiling and fell over, also because the efficacy or potency that we mentioned in previous notes. All the stories that have made the kora-kora value-priced exclusive and up to hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars. but ... back to the view Uztads Amin Lc that ".. other unique things like / liked inhabited by jinn, even in her the strength, so the location of its essential that the genie was the cause  / will it effect the strength, wallahu a'lam bisshawab.__ 

"I think they will be leaving home" blue sky let go of the acrid smell of mystical kora-kora TSB. _ revitalization by :Kaimuddin mbck
According to sources: kora-kora was never studied scientifically. by Expert Forensic Expert FKUI-RSCM and anatomy of the body is also an expert archaeologist, go to the third episode .....visit the kora-kora (the smallest man at a drinking glass) in Maros regency-SulSel Bawalangiri-(2)

>visit the kora-kora (man drinking a cup size) in Maros regency-SulSel Bawalangiri-Indonesia (2)

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