prevent radical Islamic terrorism, failed ......

Kamis, Desember 22, 2011

prevent radical Islamic terrorism, failed .....

.Another reason for people's fears is that the Egyptian Intelligence Service, assigned to prevent terrorism, failed to stop the recent mass protests in Kairo.Orang increasingly worried that radical Islamic terrorism will be returned to Egypt, after the fall of Mubarak. Approximately 17,000 people managed to escape the prison of Egypt during the chaos of nine first half of February. Hundreds of them are associated with groups of radical Islamic Jihad.

Two of Egypt's largest Islamic group, Al-Jamaa al-Islamiya, and Tanzim al-Jihad, denouncing the violence some time ago. However, some members refused to renounce violence initiatives, and many of them are now escaped from prison.

Former vice president Omar Suleiman warned, many dangerous terrorists now freely roam. Also the U.S. government was worried about the developments.
EmergencyThis fear is a big plus after the appearance of a condemned terrorism case, namely Sami Shihab, who escaped from prison in Egypt ten days ago, on the side of Hezbollah Hassan Naserella on demonstrations in Beirut this week.prevent radical Islamic terrorism, failed .....
Shihab, who is Lebanese, was sentenced to life imprisonment in Egypt, after being found guilty of plotting terrorist attacks in the country.

Another reason for people's fears is that the Egyptian Intelligence Service, assigned to prevent terrorism, failed to stop the recent mass protests in Cairo.
Some radical leaders took advantage of the calm atmosphere in Egypt today. If the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces so lift state of emergency, adopted thirty years ago, it will be able to give radical groups an opportunity to strengthen themselves.
Al-Jamaa al-Islamiya has held a public meeting in south Cairo. There they held a celebration party following the peaceful revolution.
New democracyHowever, not everyone agrees will be re-run Egyptian political violence in the past. Abul Ila 

Madi, a moderate Islamic leader of al-Wasat Party said:
"The majority of jihadis from the 1990s, had long since renounced violence. There is no longer in support of violence. Egyptians who keep order when the police do not exist, now full of confidence, and not allow any group to use violence. Moreover, the suppression of radical Islam is a vicious one of the reasons for the violence. But the problem is solved by the formation of a new democracy. "
Dr. Hilmi Sha'rawi, researchers secular left, said:

"Fear like this is part of the U.S. and Western efforts to use Islam and Islamists to scare us and other countries in the world. There is no fundamental reason for the Islamists to re-use of violence and terrorism in the new democratic state of Egypt. Now the Egyptians are able to prevent this. "
The era of violenceHe also opposed the notion that weakened the government intelligence service. According to him, Well, if Egypt and service remain intact and capable of operating at national and international levels.
"The era of violence has passed," said Issam al-Arian, prominent leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. "The radical Jihad should take a lesson from it. Our people have proven very likely change by peaceful means. Violence will not happen again in Egypt."

Jihad is not possible violence in the 1980s and 1990s re-occur in Egypt. However, fundamentalist Jihadists are not fighting for democracy and human rights. They want to build an Islamic state, and always considered democracy to foreign ideas, as well as a sign of western political and cultural domination.
During the ideological elements like this still exist, are too optimistic rule out the possibility of violent Jihad.

prevent radical Islamic terrorism, failed .....

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