The Difference Between Spirits and Ghost

Minggu, Maret 25, 2012

Ghosts of vibration that little bit faster than us, (the Islamic view: but the angel saw a ghost (human caused protected because prayer) therefore we can not see them. Although, they are not fast enough vibration that we can not catch a glimpse of them from time to time. Ghost is able to consciously realize by drawing energy from the humans and the environment and our vibrations correspond more closely to manipulate objects, shaped, and even communicate.

The Difference Between Spirits and Ghosts - A Psychic's Perspective Is a spirit the same as a ghost? I am sure you have heard the names Spirit and Ghost used interchangeably throughout the media, but is it accurate? Based on my knowledge and experience as a spiritual psychic, the meanings are similar but very different. Similarly, a ghost and spirit are the soul of a person whose physical body has died and who now lives on another plane of existence. The difference in meaning is the soul’s progression after it leaves the physical body.

There are several planes of existence, and the faster a soul’s vibration, the higher the plane they reach. Keeping this in mind, a soul within a physical body vibrates very slowly. Imagine looking at a fan blowing at the lowest possible speed. When you look at the fan you can see the different blades easily. This is the physical plane. Souls who are ghosts are bound to that plane of existence for a variety of reasons. · Sudden Deaths or Accidents – Some people have been separated from their physical body so suddenly that they do not know they are dead. · Murder – Some people choose not to move on or completely cross over because their lives were taken so brutally. Also, they may choose to stay behind until their murder is solved. · Suicide – Those who commit suicide also may not have crossed completely over due to the emotions experienced and the act itself. Many religions say that suicides are damned or that those who commit this act are to suffer in limbo for eternity. A person believing this may not wish to cross over and be punished. · Broken Hearts – People choose to stay close to loved ones or family members where they feel they have unfinished business.

Fear of Judgment – As mentioned under Suicide, there are people who are afraid of being judged after they pass on and sent to hell. · Lack of Proper Burial – It is also said that some people do not fully cross over if they did not receive a proper burial or their remains have been desecrated. A Spirit is a soul who has crossed over to the other side or higher plane of existence. Using the analogy of the fan, imagine the blades turning so fast you can’t see them. This is what a higher vibrational frequency is like in relation to our vibration. These souls know they have passed and move on to have a life review and meet up with their loved ones who have passed before them. It is a belief that the more evolved a soul becomes, the higher the plane of existence. Angels, for example, have a very high vibration, but they are able to effortlessly transcend vibrational frequencies to communicate with us and appear to us whenever they want. Spirits can also do this. The Spirits of our loved ones communicate with us all the time.

They, like ghosts, can manipulate our environment. Spirits can put pennies in our path, maybe manifest a feather, or take the form of a bird to let us know they are still around. A Spirit visits and leaves signs to let you know they are still around you and can see what is happening in your life. The purpose of the physical manipulation is different for a ghost. A ghost is trying to get your attention for a reason. The ghost may want help or they may want you to leave. If a ghost doesn’t know they have passed on, the phenomena you see may just be the ghost living their life as they would if they were still in the physical body. I have heard stories of dishes and silverware being placed on a table by a ghost preparing to eat or some people seeing someone cooking. It is true that the definition of ghost and spirit is similar, but overall they are very different. A good rule of thumb that I use when paranormal investigating ghosts is, always speak to them as if they were alive. Assume that you are invading their home. Apologize, tell them your name, and explain that you want to ask them some questions. When asking questions, imagine you are meeting them for the first time and want to know all about them.

When conducting and EVP session, ask them their name, their occupation, are they married, do they have children etc. Happy Ghost Hunting! We have had success using this technique when working with a flashlight, and have made the observation that those who don’t know they are dead stop communicating when asked about their death. These ghosts completely ignore any questions involving death, but they do not believe they are dead.

Remember, ghosts are just people without physical bodies! Whatever it is they (correctly or not?), The most important thing is we keep our faith in God and one important lesson is that you should know how to respect others if they really exist or not. mystic's position in the "do not be so bold / arrogant <> do not be so scared / cowardly: jin Muslim dialogue

The Difference Between Spirits and Ghost

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