The Difference Between Spirits and Ghost

Minggu, Maret 25, 2012

 Islamic knowledge of "energy difference between humans, ghosts and angels",> speed and vibration of ghosts is slightly faster than humans, (the result: ghosts see humans, while humans do not see ghosts). But angels are faster, more energetic than ghosts, then angels see ghosts, while ghosts don't see angels.

Even though humans are slow, the vibrations or trajectories of ghosts are able to be felt, even seeing them (certain people). but the nature of ghosts wants to be known by humans, so religious people know, don't recognize ghosts, because the basis of a demon / ghost will fool humans. Ghosts are able to consciously perceive by drawing energy from humans and the environment and our vibrations are more closely related to manipulating objects, shaping, and even communicating.

The Difference Between Spirits and Ghost

Difference Between Spirit and Ghost - Psychic's Perspective Are spirits the same as ghosts? I am sure you have heard the names Spirits and Ghosts used interchangeably all over the media, but is that accurate? Based on my knowledge and experience as a spiritual paranormal, the meanings are similar but very different.

A spirit is the soul of a person whose physical body has died and now resides in another plane of existence.

There are several planes of existence, and the faster the soul vibrates, the higher the plane they reach. With this in mind, the soul in the physical body was vibrating very slowly. Imagine seeing a fan blowing at the lowest possible speed. When you look at the fan, you can see the different blades easily. This is a physical plane. Souls that are ghosts are attached to that plane of existence for various reasons. Sudden Death or Accident - Some people have been separated from their physical bodies so suddenly that they do not know they are dead.

· Murder - Some people choose not to move or actually cross because their lives have been so brutally taken. Also, they may choose to stay behind until their murder is resolved. ·

Suicide - Those who commit suicide also may not completely give up because of the emotions they experience and the actions themselves. Many religions say that suicide is cursed or that those who commit this act will suffer in uncertainty for all eternity. Someone who believes this may not want to cross and be punished. ·

Broken Heart - People choose to stay close to their loved ones or family members where they feel they have unfinished business.

Fear of Judgment - As mentioned under Suicide, some people fear being judged after they have died and been sent to hell. · Lack of Proper Burial - It is also said that some people did not completely cross over if they did not receive a proper burial or their bodies were defiled. A spirit is a soul that has crossed over to the other side or a higher plane of existence.

Using the fan analogy, imagine the blades spinning so fast you can't see them. This is what the higher vibration frequency looks like in relation to our vibration. These souls know that they have died and continue to conduct life reviews and meet their loved ones who had died before them.

It is the belief that the more the soul develops, the higher the plane of existence. Angels, for example, have a very high vibration, but they can easily go beyond the vibrational frequency to communicate with us and appear to us whenever they want. Spirits can do this too. The spirits of our loved ones communicate with us all the time.

They, like ghosts, can manipulate our environment. The Spirit can put money in our path, perhaps manifest feathers, or take the form of a bird to let us know they are still around. A Spirit visits and leaves a sign to let you know that they are still around you and can see what is happening in your life. The purpose of physical manipulation is different for ghosts. Ghosts try to get your attention for a reason.

The ghost may need help or they may want you to leave. If the ghosts don't know they have died, the phenomena you are seeing are probably just ghosts living their life as if they were still in a physical body.

I have heard stories of plates and cutlery being put on the table by a ghost preparing to eat or some people seeing someone cooking. It is true that the definitions of ghost and spirit are similar, but on the whole they are very different.

The rule of thumb I use when psychics investigate ghosts is, always talk to them as if they were alive. Assume that you attacked their house. Sorry, please specify_ sumber : Sangbaco.web id_ Judul : The Difference Between Spirits and Ghost_

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