ghost-sucking rectum of Bugis

Jumat, Maret 23, 2012

Tragic news of the Bugis in Indonesia, about the mystique has been ongoing since the Dutch colonial era, said: "parakang" should reduce the noise, it is all around us> listened and heard. bad behavior is condemned because it Misti / psychic. parakang can change an animal (a dog without a tail and a banana tree leaf.

Parakang / ghost > human imitation in South Sulawesi, Indonesia
sentence hits "parakang / ghost sucker rectum.", Friday evening, when the earth is very quiet and the villagers were sleeping soundly sailing dream, or perhaps the couple (husband and wife) associated with each position?. But this story ends when a rumbling sound and very close.
"Huaaarrrr Huarrrrr Ghhaaaaarr ..........."
Suddenly awakened from sleep because of all the faint sound of it. I saw the lights flashing on the roof pendaflour. Wipe, rub my eyes, the same flashing lights as well. Outside the rain was so heavy, heavy seep into the crevices in the roof of the pottery when at 2 am.

"Huuuaaarrrrr ...., Thaapss ...!" Sounds ripped from the anus / rektumke sucked into the mouth (parakang)> victim loses the rectum and colon ... not a ghost or some kind of genie or spirit of man, but one person receives knowledge / teachings of black magic which demands to achieve eternal life and to be rich .

rectal suction ghost "Parakang" immortal because his knowledge of his move to kekeluarga (kemanakan-child-grandchild also) When the father-mother parakang, then the child will parakang.

parakang catchment
parakang in the day looked like a human, he's only seen the red eyes, I do not know whether the effects of staying up late .... And at night he walked into the column or the occasional passing behind the house, sometimes cross in the window, to be or can suction rectal

Until now parakang greatly feared, especially by mothers in the village who had a baby, virgin, the sick, the dying / people waiting to die,
parakang> ghost-sucking rectum of Bugis Makassar. Indonesia

parakang catchment

ghost-sucking rectum

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