The Metaphysics of Mysticism | Know the devil then defeat

Senin, Januari 23, 2012

Mystical dialogue with Muslim genies. The word genie is "the kingdom of the genies in place; the triangle is" bermuda ". Satan haunts the name" ghost sumiati "from Makassar Indonesia, and hundreds of ghosts on the" Ancol Indonesia Bridge ".

The ghost of sumiati: a story since the Dutch colonial era in Indonesia, when a woman was raped, she finally hanged herself. when she was raped she remembered that the culprit was wearing a red shirt. because of this, so that people in red are disturbed by the ghost of Sumiati, especially Friday nights

mysticism the devil  parakang

The Metaphysics of Mysticism | Know the devil then defeat

for the genie, or the spirit for Indonesia Sumiati Sul-sel, or the ghost bridge for the Ancol Jakarta Indonesia community, or so on-very varied, but the same spirit may reappear. -Long to know through the path of dedication the ghost expanse trail in every place.

And it was a wonderful experience when I arrived at the ghost field, it was revealed a unique pattern of inviting ghosts to come to our designated location, many people recognize that the situation often occurs. Composition may reflect a pattern. burning incense. and. one of us (briefly) must be willing to be in a trance, and interview ghosts, all this for the sake of mystical data.

the former place (the location of many lush trees and roads on the flanks of the mountains) the Dutch troops as well as the Japanese were blocked, in that place now "we really feel a very cold mystical aura, there the skin of our shoulders is thickening so, after that aura I was the one who migrated to a world that I didn't know before,

demonic object

1. visited kora-kora (small body cup sized mummy) in Maros regency, Indonesia.

2. See humans change ghosts, the name is "parakang". kind of ghost sucks the rectum, so people die with empty stomach contents. parakang can change a dog, or a pig, if caught or confined, will promise a lot of wealth but "don't tell the public" that he is parakang.

Sang Baco: Parakang Hantu Makassar | Manusia Jadi-Jadian | Kisah ...

3. the right attitude towards the genie who lives in our house .. And this is a wonderful personal experience for me from the other end of the world. "Do not have a 3-dimensional statue <where the demon jinn lives. Want to see a statue of a genie, pay attention to the eye of the statue, he lives there. And throw away the animal bones from your house, because it is the food of the devil and the jinn.

Prayer when afraid (for Muslims) say "ta' wudz" (I take refuge in Allah my Lord, from the disturbance of jinn and demons who were stoned. ~ Note by kaimuddin The Metaphysics of Mysticism | Know the devil then defeat. : By . Artikel : Mysticism | Know the devil then defeat

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