parakang / ghost on the most popular in Indonesia

Kamis, Januari 26, 2012

A true story of South Sulawesi province in Indonesia. parakang / most popular player in global ghosts. This term "parakang / man suck / suction rectal

Friday night, when the earth is very calm and villagers were sleeping soundly. But this story ends when a rumbling sound and the atmosphere changed very mystical
"Huaaarrrr ... Huarrrrr .... Ghhaaaaarr .... ",

Suddenly awakened from sleep because of all the faint sound of it. I saw the lights flashing on the roof of the brick siling pendaflour. .. rubbing my eyes, the light still blinks very strange. Outside the rain, cold wind blowing into the crevices of the roof of the brick. At 2 AM.
"Huuuaaarrrrr ...., thaapss ..." sounds like the anus and rectum was thrown ... splashed into the mouth: a victim lost his guts ...
ghost on the most popular in Indonesia

Parakang there is one kind of creature in Bugis-Makassar greatly feared. Parakang can transform himself into various shapes: banana trees, goats, bamboo or "ampoti", (palm leaf-shaped basket where chickens lay eggs), this creature is a person who can turn into animals, objects and animal models
For example, he turns into a dog> dog incarnate. people who are knowledgeable about this parakang tell> the difference with a real dog, he does not have a dog tail and hind legs higher.
parakang can also turn into cats, pigs and other animals.

Parakang human imitation is not a ghost also jinn, or spirit, but the wrong people in the process of receiving knowledge of the "pesugihan / wealth",
Parakang part of community members in South Sulawesi, (there is a village that is entirely parakang in certain areas, and regeneration> parakang eternal (parakang not die before this is no substitute, so his son to replace / transition

parakang in those days seemed like a man, only his eyes always look red, sources say that his eyes did make me shudder, I do not know .... , While at night he worked went to the home or across the field, occasionally crossing window of the house, to find if anyone can, or suck on her rectum, in Indonesia the country is our people in the village at night to urinate (especially women) wear layer below it, as if the magnetic parakang into the rectum: he was fascinated, and then as a man he came out of his consciousness, his saliva Parakan on the sick and also in people who had recently died, was identified that parakang really like a baby fetus , is the most delicious food, if not find a human object, then the other alternative is to suck rectum pet buffalo.

in the village of> parakang greatly feared, especially by mothers who have a virgin, the sick, .. even more in people who are dying, as if to see jackfruit or other fruit is perfectly ripe and tempting tastes, and an interview said that this parakang / all the changes going on outside of consciousness, do not choose the time of day or night, a common story in South Sulawesi, that when someone is on the verge of death, then all the family had anticipated parakang not close, sekaitan: the story of this one, there are those who have died, and there in the audience to see the corpse, the hole enlarged buttocks and stomach contents in lost, in terms of mortality, sudden someone intercepted because his tongue menulur would react ....

phenomenal: the process of becoming permanent and Parakang
If parakang dying because of aging, Tarus he would repeat the word "Lemba ..." (Move: makassar language) until there is one family who agree / are willing to accept it. Although he just said to myself: "Lemba" / willing to accept, especially because the family did not move a pity if> parakang dying suffer), even his spirit could not leave jazadnya, tortured ...

If you dare say "Lemba ..." you parakang tobe. kata "Lemba" very sacred ...

Second: before becoming parakang
The impact of the situation abstinence / taboo / pemmali, / ban hard to
others came to the house parakang, although because of the wisdom of the tribe (shame), parakang status did not spread to the community. saa known and should not be in broadcasting.

Parakang experts know / how to find out, (parakang or not)> put in a sewer eel> at home parakang, the results are: parakang looks always busy (? View, where eels), Parakang trying to catch eels, hand holes infiltrated parakang sewer, sewer to look dry, (a condition) is still a mystery for tracking (study 2 (indonesia >

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