Emergency, if you drink cow's milk

Jumat, Juli 29, 2011

We are fooled by the dairy factory that continually, and advertise their products, "said Prof. Dr. Hiromi Shinya, author of best-selling book: The Miracle of Enzyme (Enzyme Miracle), which was published in the Indonesian language with the same title. In fact, he said, cow's milk is the food / drink most bad for humans. People should just drink human milk. As the calf is also only drink cow's milk. Where there is a calf to drink human milk, he said.

No creature on earth which when fully grown are still drinking milk, except humans.
Look at the cow, goat, buffalo, or whatever: it was not the kids will not drink milk anymore. Why are human like behavior that violates the natural way?

Why was the worst for human milk? In fact, he said, could be the cause of osteoporosis? The answer: because it's liquid milk so that when it entered the mouth directly flow into the esophagus. Did not get to interact with the enzyme produced our mouths. Due to mix the enzyme, intestinal heavier duty. Once in the intestine, the milk directly to clot and it was hard to digest. To be able to digest it, the body was forced to issue a backup "parent enzyme" that should be better conserved. 

The enzyme was supposed to stem the growth of the body, including bone growth. However, because the parent is too widely used enzymes to help digest milk, milk drinkers would be more susceptible to osteoporosis.

Professor Hiromi certainly not just looking for sensation. He is the world's leading experts intestine. He was the first physician in the world to perform surgery in colon polyps and tumors without having to dissect the stomach. He is now 70 years old. Means he's very experienced through the practice of medicine. He had checked on the inside of the colon more than 300,000 American and Japanese men. He is an American-born Japanese who during his career as a doctor keeps going back and forth between the two countries.

Each patient's gut check, Prof. Hiromi all do some research. Namely, to find the link shape inside the gut by eating and drinking habits of patients. He became familiar messy entrails of patients who eat or drink must be unqualified. And he calls the quality is not that include dairy and meat.
He saw how terrible the intestinal form of people who used to eat food / drink that "ugly": bumps, wounds, boils, dark patches, and narrow here and there like tied with rubber bands. Bad there is not a desired qualify intestine. While the food is healthy gut / good, he described a very nice, flat spots, redness, and fresh.

Because the colon is to absorb the food task, the task can not he do if the food intake did not qualify the intestine. Not only his gut tired, also the nutrients that are not absorbed too much. As a result, growth of body cells are less good, very bad immune cells, free radicals appear, the disease arises, and rapid skin aging. In fact, not fibrous foods such as meat, can leave dirt on the walls of the intestine: a stagnant stool which then decompose and cause disease again.
Therefore, Prof. Hiromi did not recommend the meat as food. He recommends eating only meat is quite 15 percent of all the food into the stomach.

To the patient, Prof. Hiromi also implement "treatment" like that. Bowel disease patients, including colon cancer, many of her finish with "treatment" is natural. Patients who had severe he was asked to follow healthy way of living that way and the result is very satisfactory. Doctors, he said, many see patients from only one side in the field of pain. Rare doctor who would see it through the whole body system. Heart doctors focus only to the heart. In fact, the main cause could be precisely in the intestines. Likewise, other specialist physicians. Education spesialislah doctor who destroys real medical science.
Prof. Hiromi is, "with good food, good mood, happy mind, there was a mechanism in the body that could make the enzyme-carrier increases.

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