Macassar typical Bugis boats at the ornamental temple Borobudur Indonesia

Jumat, Juli 29, 2011

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by The Baco on June 30, 2011 at 16:37

Consciousness because they record past events, this accuracy because
synopsis letter writing, an ancient manuscript categorized historical aspects of traditional historiography, but the text or the text is certainly much influenced by the mind of a screenwriter or a society, although tends to ignore the elements affected because the facts possessed by the mystical society. nature because they sometimes mediate with magic powers, found in a lot of history in looking everywhere magic powers that can work automatically, or takes certain people to develop or moved. "classification magical", I think, something that exists in nature, whether living or inanimate objects grow together with understanding and wisdom, they forge.
The Baco ket image> in the temple of Borobudur, historians see it as their aim the existence of the spirit of maritime population Bugis Macassar, in the "bay boat" (bercadik).

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