Berita populer terkait Palestina di PBB

Sabtu, November 12, 2011

News / Berita populer terkait Palestina di PBB, sebuah bab atau judul  yang mengantarai dunia luas,  mengenal hubungan Palestina dengan PBB, Amerika,WHO , UNESCO, juga tentang seluruh hal sensitifitas Palestina dan Israel, kami antarai sebelumnya dengan, masa lalu tragis sionisme atau yahudi.

"Holocaust" Jews suffered past

warga Israel di bantai
. videos, photos and datadata about
 cruelty, brutality, savagery, Jewish outrage against Israeli fighters
 Palestine (contained nearly all of the media in the world),
Berita populer terkait Palestina di PBB dalam versi bhs Inggris.
early coupled with the pain of past al Jews / Zionism
TRANSFER moment *

Holocaust (from Greek: holokauston which means "the offering of sacrifice by burning") which carried the German Nazis during World War II, Jews in Europe are the main victims of the Holocaust, the Nazis called the "Last Settlement Against Jewish Question ". The number of Jewish victims is generally said to have reached six million inhabitants. created by Adolf Hitler carried out, among others, with shots, torture, and poison gas, in the village of Jews and concentration camp. Jewish groups, those with a simple caught and killed. And in the span of long-time number of victims of the Holocaust could reach 9-11 million people.

Mass murder of Jews actually have occurred long before the year 1942 with a term Endlösung which is a policy to exterminate all the Jews by building concentration camps to be used as "death camps" and create an "industrial genocide" against the Jews in earnest.
The decision to conduct the systematic murder of European Jews had been decided at the Wannsee Conference in Berlin which was held on January 20, 1942. During the conference, discussion by a group of German Nazi officers to decide "the final solution of the Jewish question" ("Endlösung der Judenfrage"). Meeting notes and minutes of these meetings are found by allied forces at the end of the war and used as evidence at the Nuremberg Court. In the spring of 1942, Operation Reinhard begin the implementation of systematic murder of Jews organizing on the mark with a speech on October 6, 1943 in Posen Conference, Heinrich Himmler for the first time formally to describe the entire leadership of the kingdom of Germany (Deutsches Reich) openly and with language cruel about what it really means "Endlösung". sejarah CIA tanggung jawab nya.
Berita populer terkait Palestina di PBB, selanjutnya telusuri bab di bawah ini.*

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*Scrib berkas: proposal-resmi Palestina ke PBB
demikianlah semestinya terbaca demi " benar dalam kepemihakan.

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