Usman can see the jinn / ghost

Minggu, November 27, 2011

Usman can see jinn / ghost, can easily find demit jin or spirit, for example? see the spirit that haunts the closest?, Some people are born has an extremely high sensitivity, so they are easy to detect, witnessed the presence of spirits. even easy to 'catch' the existence of supernatural beings.
This story marked one of the graduates of high school students pergis Maros, he Usman. One day he whispered to me "uncle ... I really do not like the situation I could see the jinn beings, but this is the default since I was born, when still a child, I was in elementary school, once in gamprat by relatives in the village who are waiting for the fall of mango, because I accidentally told him, something that I see, then, I saw a mother holding her son's hand, but without the footwork> he crossed in front of us, the event and the beginning of the story is what the sign I could see the strange things is not like other people ". babble The next Usman told the visitors about the carnival in my village who brings a kind of "little creatures hanging or jinn", I catch the real thief took the money genie

draw from searingku with my students is Usman, Usman apparently confirming that "the genie he would not pass in front of the motor / jualanku because I'm the tape murattal ghomidi Al ring, even a child who suddenly fled screaming in a voice shouted jualanku not clearly followed by a lot of saliva in his mouth, said Usman "in the body there is deactivated jin

Years ago I hit someone because> so (bring jin) but I then blame the police, because there is no evidence of bias is clear that he took the genie to take money trader or participant, except the money they stole, but it's making excuses as private money . (not money stolen jin)
If I pressed my students is to kill the perpetrator (theft of money by way jin), to remind my students, "Do not worry he alone is responsible in the Hereafter" and he already knows will hurt all of that and willing to accept the risk then. "Usman is this ... it's known, grew up in a society that still maintain the customs, also coincided with his father in the village (area: Toa Butta, Maros, South Sulawesi, Indonesia), a prayer in the village of Imam mosque, so Usman grow with the understanding that good about religion, and power do not cause it to use for this for fun or to empower them, "Usman a good boy", I think, yes ...!.
Strange happenings in SchoolUsman word at a time, "uncle ... (his familiar call me), if we mengajarar, there is a sweet creature who is always in the back seat is empty, he cares for you very seriously, I do not know if he really learn or she is in love with your uncle?, I swear to God .. if need be, I set up a meeting to be in touch with you, than you think I am lying ", then ... Ma'lum if teachers are teaching, the genie is gone, yes. . jin fear him, if the teacher is, ih .... wandering genie-in-class and memorable annoying, sometimes even out of the nose to the ear on certain students, such as the resignation of religion which is often half asleep when the teacher explains. --- He said after a case of losing money in the classroom has been solved or resolved, "I asked the students to return the money he stole through the genie that she ordered, if not, I will unload this case." clarity I asked him, turned out to perpetrators of the theft was a woman and her place in the classroom next door, is known by usman, iihh ... cute kids nowThe existence of JinUsman say "if you feel the presence of the genie, it looks a bit long in the eyes of the statue, yes ... because he was often there, and the statue became a haven for the heathen creature in the house, when there are things that bothered him as a moderate Quran or a prayer of submission to God's yes ... for example ... He haula Audzu bilaahi wala .... etc, etc..
If you want to see movement very clearly jin, visit places where there are slaughterhouses or animal carcasses or bones that are still wet, for example, on the bones of animals that usually there are swarms of flies, but actually see the details of the swarms of flies that sometimes sometimes in tepis by hand. It is true that we do not have to keep your bones everywhere, especially since his brother urinating on food knitting kita. ... .. ghost in the episode traces Sumiati ---- Usman can see jin / ghos

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